Royal Den Hartogh Logistics 荣获 2024 🏆 陶氏化学 金奖

Royal Den Hartogh Logistics 很荣幸在第 7 届年度陶氏物流服务提供商四星活动中获得金奖。这是Den Hartogh连续第二年获得陶氏公司的认可。
Niek Seesink 大客户经理 Den Hartogh 分享了他对团队辛勤工作的自豪和赞赏:“连续第二年获得金奖是对我们整个团队的奉献精神和卓越表现的认可。陶氏强调了我们准备加倍努力和高水平的客户服务。对于Den Hartogh来说,“不”不是答案,我们总是将所有元素结合在一起,与客户一起找到最佳解决方案。


Royal Den Hartogh Logistics is proud to have been rewarded with the GOLD Award at the 7th edition of the annual Dow 4-Star event for logistic service providers. This is the second consecutive year that Den Hartogh has received this recognition from our key customer Dow.

Niek Seesink, Key Account Manager Den Hartogh, shared his pride and appreciation for the team’s hard work: “Receiving the GOLD Award for the second year in a row is an endorsement to the dedication and excellence of our entire team. Dow has highlighted our readiness to go the extra mile and our high level of customer service. No is not an answer for Den Hartogh, we always bring together all elements to find the best solution with our customers.”